16. februar 2013

& Other stories

Yet another reason to go abroad when your need for shopping is to be fulfilled... When Oslo finally gets COS this spring, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Paris, London, Berlin, Barcelona and Milan gets COS' cooler little sister & Other Stories. I was already planning on one shopping spree in either London or Copenhagen this year, now my list of reasons for going just went a whole lot longer...

3. februar 2013

The Blazer

Photos: Carolines Mode

This blazer is everything I never buy; a statement piece, bold pattern, raw edges, over-size and light fabric... Maybe that's why I can't get it out of my head?

16. januar 2013


Nå har jeg oppdatert Berlin-guiden min. Hvis det er noen som har spørsmål er det bare å legge igjen en kommentar!

The Berlin-guide has now been updated. If you have any questions please just leave a comment!

4. januar 2013

Børst og bursdag!

This is what I've been listening to these last couple of months full of excuses to celebrate. This playlist is called Booze and Birthdays - full of Norwegian music, but some international hits as well, hope you'll enjoy! Happy weekend!!

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2. januar 2013

Bonne année!

This is some of the things I'm looking forward to in 2013:

The sale in january, hopefully I'll find some great pieces at even better prices.
Getting cozy indoors in February watching Girls, Veep, Forbrytelsen and other TV-series.

Hopefully we'll go to somewhere nice and sunny in March

Lana Del Ray in april with my girlfriends (thank you for the ticket I got for Xmas Hubbie!). As well, COS has hopefully opened in Oslo by April and I can finally buy their awesome minimalist clothing without leaving the country.

I'll begin the balcony season in May and enjoy the first sunny days.

I'll go shopping in June when I receive my holiday pay.

I'll be working at day and leaving straight for swim and fun after four o'clock in July. As well, sales-season has begun.

Øya-festivalen in august, the last one in Middelalderparken ever before it's moving to a new location. As well, we'll be enjoying two weeks in Split Croatica!

In September I'll enjoy the first autumn days, rested and excited to get back to work after a long holiday. I can finally wear the fall fashion, but it's fortunately still too warm to wear winter boots, parkas and wool hats and gloves.

In October, I'll celebrate my birthday and usually that's when the party-season (if there is such a thing...) begins.

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Our wedding anniversary and hubbies and mums birthday in November.
And then it's Xmas-time again, decorations, gift giving and gingerbread.